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Sandy Weltman and The SanDroids  "Escape Velocity"

Sandy Weltman is a master Modern Jazz player on two instruments that sometimes escape the deserved attention of Jazz affeciandos; Banjo and Harmonica. Taking his cues from Bela Fleck and The Flecktones, Weltman first became a master banjo player, then he study under Flecktones master harmonica master Howard Levy. The results are outstanding.

The banjo itself is not a novelty instrument in jazz, it took masters like Bela Fleck to re-introduce the instrument. The harmonica has also taken some hard knocks from those people who claim to know Jazz. Weltman is equally adept at either instrument and uses each one nimbly. Those he is young and hopefully has a long and fruitful career ahead of him, Weltman plays with the confidence of one of the old masters.

"The band zig-zags across musical boundries other groups didn't even know were there”    Mississippi River Music Fest

The Klezmer Nuthouse

Some people like to think of Klezmer music as Jewish soul music with a little bit of gypsy mixed in.  Sandy has added a lot of fun and exciting new twists to his own musical interpretation of it. Replacing the traditional klezmer clarinet with his own soulful harmonica, is only the beginning. Throw in the 5 string banjo, mandolin, cello, and a whole host of other instruments played by some of the Midwest's finest pickers, and you have what is probably one of the most unique and eclectic Klezmer recordings anywhere. You definitely don’t have to be Jewish to thoroughly enjoy this one (but it couldn’t hurt).

"Sandy Weltman, eccentric master of the banjo & harmonica, reinvents the music of his ancient tribe."Roy Kasten – Riverfront Times

New World Harmonica Jazz

If you like jazz and you like harmonica, you’ll love "New World Harmonica Jazz". Following in the footsteps of his mentor Howard (Flecktone) Levy, Sandy takes the little 10 hole diatonic harmonica into new and unchartered territory. The songs featured on this recording are a selection of jazz tunes that is both old, new, and everything in between. Also featured on this recording is one of St. Louis’s most dynamic groups, the Carolbeth True Trio. This CD is a must for any jazz collection.

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“Sandy Weltman is the most versatile harmonica player in St. Louis - bar none!"

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