Banjo For Sale

Plectrum Banjo with 1928 Gibson TB-2 pot assembly and vega tubaphone neck. To hear a sample , play the video below. To read more about it, see description below the video. Asking $1600.

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Appraisal and description from Gruhn Guitars:

We certify the plectrum banjo described below is, in our opinion, a composite instrument consisting of a 1928 Gibson TB-2 two body with an added flathead Mastertone style tone ring which has been set up with a plectrum Vega tuba-phone style number 3 neck which appears to have replacement tuners and replaced veneers on the front and back of the peghead.

 Description: Factory work order number on the rim 9111 – 48. The neck is constructed of mahogany with a dark center lamination and carved heel and ebony fingerboard with white binding and pearl dot inlays with a star inlay at the fifth fret position. The body features a flat plate flange with octagon shaped holes, bracket shoes and screws to hold the tension hooks in place, The Gibson interior decal which was cut when the rim was cut down to accommodate the Mastertone style flat head tone ring. Since this instrument has been very highly modified, it would have virtually no collector’s item appeal, but would still be a fine utility instrument suitable for professional use on stage or in the studio.

 Current market value: $1,850 (one thousand eight hundred fifty dollars)

Asking $1600.00 

To purchase,  go to:                             Sandy Weltman 2012